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Newlyweds Jack and Kelly have come to colonize the Earth-like planet of Talaam, along with two hundred other brave pioneers. They thought their love would be strong enough to hold them together no matter how difficult the circumstances. Their choices will decide their fate...

■ Control Kelly's fate by deciding her work schedule, hobbies, and time with Jack
■ Interactive dialogue lets the reader decide Kelly's attitude and approach to every event, as well as major decisions such as having a baby
■ 100,000 words of dialogue spread between 4 different jobs, 7 different hobbies, and 3 endings allow for a variety of playing styles and different playthroughs
■ A community of interrelated NPCs with their own motivations, families, and stories
■ Science fiction setting that blends modern technology and old-fashioned frontier improvisation
■ Open source code licensed under the GPLv3 and other licenses (see https://github.com/qirien/personal-space )

■ Disponible en français

■ Playable on its own or enjoy with the sequel, Space to Grow! https://metasepia.itch.io/space-to-grow

~~~ Praise for "Our Personal Space" ~~~
■ "Explores the adventure, romance, and everyday challenges of a new marriage on an alien planet. I usually don't play video games, but easily got lost in the intriguing plot twists, mystery, and ethical dilemmas of this complex story." -Catherine White, author of Cupcake Girl
■ "Reiterates the fact that marriage is not the 'happily ever after.' It's the 'once upon a time.' Charming and well-written; equal parts relatable and sci-fi." -Mary Tueller Whipple
■ "Delivers a heart-warming (or heart-breaking!) tale of two space colonists far from anything they might call familiar." -Lance Meibos

Made with Ren'Py: http://www.renpy.org
Project Homepage: http://metasepia.icecavern.net/OurPersonalSpace/

Endings/Secrets Guide: http://www.indiedb.com/games/our-personal-space/news/endingssecrets-guide


OurPersonalSpace-1.4-market.zip 218 MB
OurPersonalSpace-1.4.apk 26 MB
OurPersonalSpace-1.22-Français.zip 218 MB
OurPersonalSpace-1.22-Français-android.apk 189 MB
OurPersonalSpace-1.10-for-old-devices.apk 165 MB

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I loved this game for the reasons below:

1. Characters are unique.

2. You can be any kind of person you want. I chose for the wife to be a doctor, and as the game progressed I basically made her a technical inventor who built inventions to help solve colony problems.

3.  The music, most often by Ehren Starks, is excellent and very much fits every scene. Who knew piano music could be so powerful?

4. You get the sense as you play that your actions effect others and they also have consequences. It was ironic, because at times I feared things might happen before I beat the game that never did based on my mistakes. Don't be surprised if people face danger or even die though. Be careful LOL. Or not. It can be fun for people ingame to get mad at you for being crazy and selfish, although it does hurt to hurt the feelings of characters... which says a LOT about how well written they are!

Looking forward to the sequel! Will play it!

Thanks for your really kind review! I hope you'll enjoy the sequel which is out now!


I remembered downloading this years ago from playstore and really love it! And, oh boy, I'm so glad there will be a continuation. You guys still working on it, right? I hope you do.


Yes! The plan is to finish it in 2020!  :-)  We have posted some updates to our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/MetasepiaGames/

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ohhh a sequel! I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. Well, good luck! I do love this one for the reasons  Ourpersonalsacefan posted 


Thanks! We are still working on it... this game has a lot more gameplay with the farming, and a lot more sprites than the previous one because of all the kids that grow so much throughout the game.

sounds awesome! Good luck! 

Thank you! It's now finished if you want to play!


Just wanted to let you know the sequel is out now! I hope you'll enjoy it!


Hi! I'm a French student in translation and I have to translate a part of a video game for a project. Would it be possible to get the text?

Sure, if you have the game, you can just go into the Our Personal Space directory, and then in the "games" subdirectory there are a bunch of .rpy files.  The game starts in intro.rpy and continues to month00.rpy.  You can open them with any text editor.  If you download Ren'Py and open it with that, then you could actually play the game with your translation in place!

This was one of my first VN's and i absolutely adored it and still replay it over and over - are you guys still planning on releasing similar style games like this

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Yes! We are working on a sequel right now where you play as the dad raising your kids!  We hope to finish it sometime in 2020. :-)  You can sign up for our email list or follow us on Facebook for more news!

OK, I know this was 3 years ago... but we did finally finish the sequel if you want to try it! :-)


I really loved the game! Yesterday I had one of the three possible endings, and today I'll try to get a new one.

Really like the concept and the idea!

Hey, I'm sorry I never got back to you before, but I wanted you to know that the sequel is out now if you want to play it!

How do you download this on a Microsoft pc? all it gives you is the installer

You don't want the installer? If you want the source code, you can get it on GitHub. I figured most Windows users would rather have the installer than the standalone... but if you really want a Windows version that doesn't have the installer, you can download that here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwWq0ZHWLC_ZOE4wZEdHRHdIT3M